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While only licensed as a Realtor since 2017, Mark has nearly 30 years of experience in real estate transactions. He has both personally and corporately bought and sold dozens of properties, including single-family and multi-family rentals and commercial properties. He has also managed over 100 tenants in private practice and over 200 tenants corporately. During his past experience he has also overseen re-zoning and subdivision activities and the construction of commercial properties, ranging from self-storage units to a 216-unit apartment complex. Mark also worked in the oil and gas and mineral business for over 30 years and served as the President of a public company from 2007-2014. When he retired in 2014, his passion for real estate remained. He now works as a licensed Realtor with his wife Ricci and daughter, Troi Lyn. As a team, Ricci and Troi Lyn handle all residential listings and showings, while Mark specializes in commercial transactions and all residential contracts as he has a keen eye for detail.

Mark Larsen

Mark Larsen

Residential/Commercial Specialist

Mobile: (307) 851-8888
Office: (307) 673-0641

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